Synod 2021 - 2023

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Pope Francis has invited us all to join in with the Synod which is a 2 year journey with the Holy Spirit guiding us.
We are in the  beginning  part of this journey and  are all asked to share our voices.

As part of this  'Listening Phase'  of the Synodal journey. Daniel  & Rachel, your Synod delegates would like to encourage as many of you as possible to join in by sharing your voices. You will have an opportunity to do this on Sunday 19th December  at all the masses  we will be handing out 3 postcards with 2 questions for you to fill in . These cards are looking at  3 themes: Communion, Mission and Participation and how we can work to be missionary disciples.
Please can we ask you to fill out one card and then post back into the Synod box which will he available at the back of the church.

You can also fill these out now online by clicking on the card buttons below and when you have completed your card click on the coloured banner at the bottom of the card.
We thank you for your participation in this. 
Our voices matter.



Archbishop John's
Pastoral Letter for the Opening of the Synod.