Mrs Christina Connolly

Parish Team Member
Christina Connolly

I am a life long parishioner having been born in Wimbledon and baptised in Sacred Heart Church. I married David Connolly, also from Wimbledon, in 1971 and we had two daughters, now grown up. Following my husband’s untimely death in 1995 I became involved in parish ministry and worked with Fr Kevin Donovan as his Pastoral Assistant until his death in 2008.

I became a member of the Parish Team when it was inaugurated in 2000 and was the Infant Baptism co-ordinator for about 14 years which gave me the opportunity to get to know numerous families in the parish as each family was visited at home prior to the baptism of their children. I stepped back from the administration side of baptism in 2012 and now enjoy the time, in a pastoral role, to catch up with the many families I have met over the years.