The Tuesday Group
(Offering Support to Widows)

This group was founded in the Sacred Heart Parish in 1981 and was given its name because it meets every Tuesday afternoon at 96, Durham Road SW20 0TL between 2.30 & 4.30 p.m. (Near RAYNES PARK)

It is a non-structured "drop-in" Group, to which all widows are welcome. There is no obligation or membership. It is simply a time and place for women to meet and share as much or as little of their daily life experiences as they wish. We all have one thing in common, we have lost our husbands. All of us are at a different stage in the grieving process, some early on in it while others have moved on a bit. We never forget the men we married and loved, yet we are aware that life must go on, so the aim of the Group is, to offer each other mutual understanding and support to carry on with life on our own.

We meet and share a cup of coffee or tea and often have a glass of wine. We exchange news and views about what has been happening since we last met. It's usually a very cheerful meeting and friendships grow out of it. There is a sense of companionship, which often leads to the women finding a shared interest, places to visit together, holidays - but most of all, knowing that on Tuesday we can choose to spend the afternoon with enjoyable company if we feel like it.

Once a year we have a House Mass followed by a shared meal together, when we invite everyone who has come to the Tuesday Group over the last few years.

Our only "rule" is, that each woman finds her own way to the meeting (200 Spencer Road bus stop is only a few doors away). This leaves everyone free to decide what she wants to do at the last minute. So, there is no obligation on anyone to come on a regular basis.

All Widows are most welcome to just turn up.

For more information call:
Sadie Smith 020 8946 5198
  or Sheila Kelleher 020 8946 1792